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laser marking/inscriptions

laser marking/inscriptions

The use of laser technology opens up new opportunities at Hacker Feinmechanik

laser marking/inscriptions

Laser marking is the process of labeling or marking objects using a laser beam. Laser markings are water- and smudge-proof and very durable. It can be produced individually, which is why this procedure is often used when numbering single pieces or affixing tiny machine-readable markings (barcode or data matrix).

We mark your components with the help of our marking laser:

  • laser engraving
    deep inscriptions for metals
  • carbonization
    dark inscriptions for plastics
  • annealing marking
    annealing colours produced through heating for steels and titanium
  • coating ablation
    evaporation of the surface, e. g. for anodised parts
  • Inscription of rotationally symmetric parts
    laser inscription using a 4 axis rotary table

We achieve best results with steels, titanium, aluminium (natural, anodised, coated) as well as with plastics such as ABS, PP, PES, PET, PVC and many others. 

Within a marking area of 100 x 100 mm, your requirements concerning labeling can be unlimited: logos, graphics, text, numbers, codes such as GS1 DataMatrix or barecodes, consecutive numbering or even round sets (360°).

"Not only do we offer laser marking for products manufactured by us, but also for other products."

The advantages of our laser marking:

  • very economical
  • flexible, precise and reliable
  • short throughput times
    (ca. 1 - 3 working days from the moment of receipt of the parts to be labeled)
  • inscription of small-, medium-sized and large series
  • inscription of codes, graphics, logos, texts, numbers, continuous numbering and round sets
  • inscription of the circumference / gyration labeling
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